We owe our success not only due to our internal efforts, but it is also thanks to our network of partners throughout several key locations around the world. In order to ensure a reliable service with proper equipment and supplies that we can get access to on-demand, we work with renowned partners who share the same vision as us.


Providing services such as catering and housekeeping are very delicate in nature. They’re not the kind of services that only require simple communication. The entire process involves a large number of staff, equipment and matters of food and hygiene, making the adherence to quality all the more important. Therefore, we ensure to follow our highest quality standards via:

  • Effective Training and Motivation for all involved staff.
  • Involvement and Contribution of all staff.
  • Visible Management Commitment.
  • Hygiene practices and Implementation of the best HSE procedures.

Safety is a core-value at S.J. Abed General Enterprises LTD and it protects the health standards of its employees, clients and customers by providing excellent hygiene standards. We follow HSE standards to comply with food hygiene codes of practice. As well as complying with the Law and legislations of the United Arab Emirates, we equally comply with hygiene rules and regulations of customers and clients.

Our staff are all guided by principles that we follow with a content heart:

  • Food Hygiene Code of Practice in an integral part of the Company`s prime business objectives.
  • Food poisoning and food borne illness is unacceptable and shall be prevented by taking all necessary steps to keep the work environment hygienically clean and free from bacteria.
  • Maintaining high standards of hygiene shall be a Line Management responsibility.
  • Conducting activities in a manner that is protective of the environment, particularly when involving trash disposal.