Our Facilities

At S.J. Abed General Enterprises LTD, we strive to deliver a level of service that exceeds the expectations of our clients. Be it a catering service, or full accommodation management, we emphasize a great focus on treating all our clients, employees, partners and anyone we come across, with a friendly and knowledgeable manner to ensure you’re in good hands. When working with contractors and clients, you’ll find that our services aim to build a lifestyle transforming work environments into vibrant communities.

Operational Activities

Our Facility management department will handle day-to-day secondary tasks that are not related to the direct production of your products and services. Several secondary factors may hamper your productivity such as air conditioning, storage when needed, phones, connectivity and others. Therefore, S.J. Abed General Enterprises LTD will offer to manage activities while you focus on your main tasks at hand.


Along with regular inspections and equipment maintenance, S.J. Abed General Enterprises LTD specializes in maintaining catering equipment. We can offer a maintenance schedule to your various catering, bakery and kitchen related equipment. If you’re catering is done in-house, leave the headache of maintaining these equipment to us and you’ll be ensured longevity and reliable performance.

Pest Control

As a procedure that we carry out internally to ensure maximum hygiene and safety of our consumed products, we can offer the same to our clients for their facilities along with disinfection. Pest Control is also a very essential part of building maintenance and should be carried out regularly.

Janitorial Services

Our janitorial services are suitable for those looking for a more commercial type of cleaning when compared to housekeeping for facilities and accommodations.

Safety And Security

S.J. Abed General Enterprises LTD ensures your facility is properly equipped against all hazards such as fire-safety procedures and security against break-ins.