S.J. Abed General Enterprises Ltd is committed to take all necessary preventive measures to control the possible hazards of glass in the products by means of

  • No one is allowed to carry any glass or glass embedded materials inside the Processing area
  • Operations staff will use only Plastic wares to draw the samples from the Processing area
  • No Glass thermometers are allowed inside the Processing area
  • No one is allowed wearing spectacles, which are made up of glasses inside processing area
  • Light fixtures over product storage are covered with PV sheet
  • All windows and doors of processing area are made up of non-glass materials such as PV sheets
In the unlikely event of any glass breaking following procedure must immediately take place.
  • All work within the immediate area where the glass breakage occurred must stop.
  • All glass will be disposed in dedicated bins in a safe way avoiding chances of contamination.
  • An investigation must take place to ascertain where the glass came from and steps must be taken to ensure that it does not reoccur.
  • All food stuffs within the affected area must be disposed of keeping in mind that slivers of glass can travel long distances.
  • Do not take chances – dispose of any food items that could have been contaminated with broken glass.
  • Any food container stored within the affected area will have to be rewashed
  • Only after thorough inspection by the section head which will include recording the incident on a Glass breakage report, can food production be restarted.